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Playa Paraiso is at the western end of Cayo Largo.
Cayo Largo Cuba. Playa Paraiso beach. Very nice calm beach. If you want to enjoy the beauty and warmth of the Caribbean, then be sure to visit this beach. Probably, he was specially conceived by God for pleasures, because even when it is overcast or raining all over the island, here nature spoils you with sunshine and amazing colors! Just a wonderful beach. Insanely beautiful place and there are no aspects that would overshadow your vacation. Sand: very fine and very white. Water: perfectly clear and clean. The bottom and all that is visible at the bottom, as if in an aquarium. Here and shallow water there is depth, i.e. it all depends on the part of the beach where you are. Here you can get acquainted with starfish and sea turtles, stingrays and pelicans, with a bunch of interesting fish of various sizes. This is really a heavenly place to visit !!!!
Cayo Largo Cuba. Playa Paraiso Beach (Video: ARMANFILM)

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