These top 5 apps are presented in no particular order:

1. Vanguard
This brokerage firm may be best suited for those who are looking for a traditional investing platform. Vanguard currently has more than $5.6 trillion in assets under management, making one of the largest financial institutions in the world

2. Webull

I am surprised at how quickly Webull has risen in the past 12 months. This brokerage firm may be best suited for those who seek an investing platform that provides a plethora of research and charting capabilities. They are also running a promotion at the moment which I find difficult to resist.

3. Robinhood
I'll be honest, I contemplated removing Robinhood from this list due to some technical issues that users have experienced in the past. For years Robinhood was #1 on our top investing apps list due to their free stock trades and ease of use. Robinhood has millions of users in the United States and continues to roll out new features monthly. 

4. M1 Finance
The ability to purchase fractional shares with M1 Finance allows beginner investors to buy stocks with minimal assets. I find this company's customer service and user experience to be superb (this, of course, is based on my own experiences)

5. TD Ameritrade 
TD Ameritrade mixes new technology with old investing practices which results in a positive experience as an investor. This brokerage firm may be best suited for someone looking for a bit of everything

International Investing apps: 

– Freetrade

– eToro
– Degiro
– Revolut

– Self Wealth 
– Commsec Pocket
– Stake

– Questrade
– TD Direct Investing
– CIBC Investors Edge


(Video: Nate O'Brien)

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